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The UMC "Split" | 5 Things You

Need to Know

Did the United Methodist Church Split?

Is it going to?

A few weeks ago, major news outlets reported that the UMC had decided to split over the issue of LGBTQ+ inclusion.

And while this is partially true, there are several things you need to know about exactly what was decided, and what will happen in the coming months.

This week, I'll explain 5 things you need to know about the UMC "Split."


Wesley Covenant Prayer Link:

UMC Protocol Link:

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3 Reasons Why America Quit

Religion | 3 Ways to Respond

In the late 90s and early 2000s, the number of people in America indicating that they were not a part of any religion began to rise. By the within 20 years, the percentage had increased from 6% to 23%.


What caused Americans to quit religion? And is there anything that can be done about it?


This week, learn three events that caused Americans quit religion, and three ways Christians can reverse the trend.

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Stop Making Resolutions | How

To Have a Better 2020

One of the best things you can do to start 2020 it to stop making New Year's Resolutions.


This week, learn not only why it's important to stop making resolutions, but also what you can do to have an event better 2020.


We're going to look at four things you can do that will help you make the first 100 days of 2020 better than the last 10 years of the previous decade.

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10 Things You Didn't Know

About Christmas

Merry Christmas!


This week, we're going to do something fun. I'm going to share with you 10 things you never knew about Christmas.


Enjoy! And may you be blessed this Christmas as you spend time with friends and family, and celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

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How To Speak Without Notes

Have you ever wondered how people can stand up and speak for hours without notes?


Comedians? TED Talk presenters? Jesus?


There's something captivating about someone who can speak without the need for notes. And the best part is, anyone can do it.


In fact, speaking without notes is a skill God can use to help every follower of Jesus transform lives and help people grow spiritually.


In this video, I'll show you my weekly routine that takes less than 30 minutes a day over four days. These steps will help you to be able to give a 15, 30, or even 60 minute talk without ever having to use notes.


Check it out!

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I Wrote the Bible | 6 Benefits to Writing Out Scripture

A few months ago, I read an article about a man who spent several years writing out the entire Bible by hand.


I began to wonder what that experience might be like.  

Could there be some real spiritual benefits to writing out the Bible, rather than just reading it?

Over the course of a few months, as I transcribed several books of the Bible, I experienced 6 unique benefits to my spiritual life.

Here they are!

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5 Proofs That the Gospels

Are True

Is it possible to prove that what the Bible says about Jesus is true?


Did he really rise from the dead?


Is he actually the Messiah? The Son of God?


How can we know for sure? What if his disciples and early followers just lied about it all?


In this video, we'll look at 5 reasons to believe that what the Bible says about Jesus is true.

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"Jesus Is King" | 4 Things 

Christians Need to Hear from this Album

Recently, an album called "Jesus Is King" was the #1 album in America.  It's an album by Kanye West.


You might never have heard it.  But there's a good chance your kids have.  Or your grandkids.  And definitely their friends.


It's an album that is getting a generation of young people who stopped going to church to suddenly start talking about Jesus again.  


And in it are some powerful lessons that Christians need to hear.  


That's what this week's video is all about.

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4 Lies We Tell Pastors

Whether it's in seminary...


Or in the ordination process...


In a conversation with church leadership...


Or even in advice from your friends...


There are so many lies told about what it takes to be a good pastor, or what that life will be like.


This week, we're going to unveil 4 lies we tell pastors.

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6 Reasons People Don't

Return to a Church

They attend one Sunday.  Everyone gets excited.  A new person has come to the church.


But then you never see them again.


What happened?  Why didn't they come back?


This week, learn 6 of the most common reasons that people don't return to a church after attending for the first time.

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3 Steps to Discover God's Vision for Your Life

Does God have a vision for your life?  And if so, what does that even mean?

Does that mean God is controlling what you do?  That you're just along for the ride? Or is it something else altogether?

How do you discover that vision?  Do you have to spend your life in the dark?  Or are there steps you can take to understand?

This week, learn three simple steps that will help you to discover what God's vision is for your life.

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Should Christians Wear Crosses?

For most of high school and college, I wore a cross around my neck.  It was part of my identity.  It marked me as a Christian.

But should I have been wearing it?  Should any Christian wear a cross?

Do we realize what it really is that we are wearing?


What a cross actually signifies?

Does it just mark us as a Christian?  Or are we promising something much more than that?

This week, learn not only the history of the cross, but what promise you're making when you display one on your body.

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Are Christians Hurting the Poor?

Does mission work really work?


Or in many cases, might it actually be doing more bad than good?  Might it be hurting the poor more than helping?


How can we love the poor and serve those in need in ways that create real transformation?


How can our mission work be more incarnational, more like the work Jesus himself did?


Find out in this week's video.

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5 Things Christians Need To

Stop Saying

We mean well.  But sometimes the things we say as Christians are just wrong.

They're theologically inaccurate.

They're not found anywhere in the Bible.

And sometimes, they're unwittingly insensitive.

This week, learn 5 things that Christians need to stop saying - and in some cases, what to stay instead.

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4 Ways to Get More

Out of Sunday Morning

Do you ever leave church on Sunday feeling disappointed?


You were hoping God would say something important to you?

Or that you'd feel the presence of God?

Or that you'd leave with a sense of hope to get you through the week?


But you didn't.  And you don't know why.


This week, we're going to look at 4 things you can do to get more out of worship not just this Sunday, but every Sunday.

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Is There A Right Way to Pray?

It's one of the most common questions I get: How do I pray?


On the surface, it seems so simple. Prayer should just be a conversation with God. 


But how do you do that? How do you talk to someone who doesn't seem to talk back? What do you say? What shouldn't you say?


Fortunately for us, Jesus answers this question. 


Learn a simple strategy for prayer in this week's lesson.



Here's a link that shows you the many names of God in the Bible...


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Why Churches Are Failing

Is it the constant criticism?  Or the way we prepare for Sunday?  Or the mistakes we make in the service?

What is the reason so many churches are struggling these days?  Why do we keep reading so many articles about how the church is in decline?  Is there anything we can do about it?

This week, we'll look at four things that keep churches from growing.  

And make sure to stick around for the last one.  It's the most important, and also the most surprising!

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How to Start a Relationship

with Jesus

Does God want a relationship with you?  And if so, what does that even look like? How do you start?


Whether you've been in church your whole life, or you've never stepped foot inside the door of a church, this video is meant to help you take the first steps to get your relationship with God off the ground.


And the best part is, you'll learn it all in just 5 minutes.



Passages where Jesus helps us understand God...

John 3:1-21 (God loves us enough to save us.)

Matthew 25:34-40 (God loves the “least of these.”)

Matthew 6:25-34 (God wants to provide for you.)

Luke 11:1-12 (God answers your prayers and meets your needs.)

John 14 (God plans to do great things through you, and give you the tools to do them.)

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How to Study the Bible

Do you feel like you know how to study the Bible?

Like truly study it?

I know many people who read the Bible, but tell me they struggle to understand it.  They want to read it regularly, but they don't feel like they know how to get the most out of it.

This week, I'm going to give you a quick 5-minute lesson (ok, more like 7 minutes) on how to study the Bible.

These are the same 3 steps I learned when I became a small group leader over 15 years ago.  I still use them today!

Studying the Bible just got easier.  Check it out!

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That's Not In the Bible!

5 Things You Thought Were In

the Bible...But Aren't

There are a lot of phrases people use, or stories they teach their kids, that they believe are in the Bible, but actually aren't.


This week, we're going to look at 5 things you thought were in the Bible, but actually aren't.

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The Overlooked Secret

to Spiritual Growth

Reading is the most overlooked secret to spiritual growth.  

It helps you interpret scripture, apply scripture, and teach scripture.

It's a critical resource to being a disciple of Jesus and growing God's kingdom.

But most people don't read - or at least not very much.

But what if you could read more?  And what if it was easier than you think?

Here are some insights I learned from a yearlong journey to read 100 books, a journey that forever changed my life and ministry.

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Have We Become Pharisees?

As Christians, we're often taught that Pharisees were Jesus' enemies. Jesus often speaks directly against their teachings.


But, what if we, Christians, have become pharisees?


What if we espouse some of their same teachings without even realizing it?


Is it possible that Jesus might criticize us for the very same things he didn't like about them?


This week, we'll explore 3 essential questions that will help us figure that out.

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Why Nothing Happens

When You Go To Church

Have you ever been moved by something?  A commercial that showed hungry children?  Statistics about endangered species?  A sermon Sunday morning?


And you knew you needed to respond.  You knew you were supposed to act upon these feelings...


But you did nothing.


One of the biggest barriers to our spiritual growth isn't our actions.  It's our inaction.


How do we get past our good intentions to concrete steps that really make a difference?


Find out this week.

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Will Our Church Disappear?

Only 50% of Americans are church members today.  That's down from 70% just 20 years ago.


The numbers are worse when considering younger generations.  Only 42% of young adults are church members.  That's down from 62% in 1999.


Young people, by and large, just don't consider the church relevant anymore.  49% can't think of one positive thing that the church has done. 90% of those who no longer go to church have previous church experience.  They just weren't convinced it was worth their time.


If this trend continues, the church is in trouble.  Not only will this generation stay away from the church, they won't bring their kids.


This will impact the church not just for one generation, but for the generation after that...and that one after that...and the one after that.


How do we change this?  


Watch this week's video to learn five things that must be done in order to turn this around.

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The Scariest Book in the World

Over half of Christians don't read the Bible.  Like never.  Not even once a week.


Has this ever described you?  Does it describe you now?


It makes sense.  The Bible can be intimidating.  The most common reason people don't read the Bible is fear.  


Most people don't even feel like they know how to read it.  They don't know where to start.


So how do we overcome this fear?


In a previous video, we gave you ideas for how to begin reading the Bible (scroll down to see it).


This week, we're going to dive in even deeper and help you know exactly what to do: what kind of Bible to buy, which books to start with, etc.  We'll help you take the guess work out of it and overcome the fear.




NIV Study Bible Links:

     Amazon: Click Here

     Christianbook.com: Click Here

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The Most Important Question Every Christian Should Ask

How do I grow in my faith?

What do I love about my church?

What is the best way to share my faith?


These are all great questions.  Important questions.  But there's one question that's more important than all of them.  In fact, it may be the most important question that every Christian should be asking.


Watch this week's weekly video to find out what it is, and how to answer it.

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Are You Spiritually Spoiled?

3 Ways to Tell | 4 Ways to Overcome It

When I graduated from high school and went off to college, it occurred to me how spoiled I'd been living at home.  So much of my life had been taken care of.  Now, all of a sudden, I had to start taking care of myself in a lot of ways.


Have you ever noticed, though, how we can sometimes find ourselves in a position of being spiritually spoiled?


Everything is taken care of for us.

We expect others to help us grow.

We feel entitled to certain things and don't realize how good we've got it.


Check out this week's video and find out 3 ways to tell if you've become spiritually spoiled, and four ways to overcome it!

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Jesus Never Said That? 

4 Things Jesus Never Said

Do you remember being told things as a kid that turned out not to be true?


Like turning the light on in your car while driving was against the law?


Or wearing a hat would make you go bald? (I didn't wear a hat after the age of 13...and we see how that turned out!)


Or that Pluto is a planet? (not anymore!)


What if you found out that a lot of the things, which you'd been told Jesus said, actually weren't true? What if he never in fact said some of the things you've believed your entire life?


This week, learn 4 things that Jesus never said.  And more importantly, find out what he did say, and why that's so much better than what you believed before!

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Are We Killing Our Kids with Stress? | 3 Solutions

It is harder to be a young person - whether you're a child, a teenager, or even a college student - than perhaps any time in history. While their world is full of convenience and opportunity, their lives are filled with immense pressure.

Anxiety and depression are reaching epidemic proportions. From 1999 to 2014, the suicide rate increased by 24%.

Much of this is due to the fact that, from a young age, children and youth are driven too succeed. Every decision, every test score, every activity threatens to either seal or sink their future success.

But does it? In the end, does it really matter how high you rank in your graduating class, or what school you get into? Is the stress really worth it?

And if not, are we inadvertently leading our children down a path that could harm them for the rest of their lives?

Is there any way to change this? And where does God fit into it all?

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Why God Doesn't Answer

Your Prayers | Part 2

Last week, we gave you a few ideas on why God might not be answering your prayer - or more specifically, why it might seem like God isn't answering.


This week, we'll reveal three more reason, and help you to see how even Jesus had this same struggle.

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Why God Doesn't Answer

Your Prayers | Part 1

Last week, my friend told me of how his daughter's beta fish died.  When she found out, she prayed that God would save the fish.  But God didn't.  She couldn't understand why.  Why didn't God do what she had asked?


Have you ever felt this way?  Have you ever wondered why God sometimes doesn't answer your prayers?


Check out the first of our two-part series on why God doesn't answer our prayers, or at least why it doesn't seem like it sometimes.

(Click the link and scroll down.)

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The Dad You're Glad

You Never Had!

Bad Bible Dads & 3 Ways to be a Better Father, Parent, or Grandparent

Father's Day is this Sunday, and we're taking a look at some of the famous Bible dads.


Learn how one of the biblical dads made a mistake that many of us still make today, as well as 3 concrete ideas for how to overcome it. 

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Don't Go to Church! 

How to Grow Spiritually this Summer

Do you want to know one big way to grow spiritually this summer? Don't go to church.


You see, there's a concept called the Pareto Principle, which suggests that 20% of the things you do account for 80% of the results. That means that 20% of your spiritual practices, 20% of the things you do to grow in your relationship with God, account for 80% of your results.


In this video, I reveal 3 ideas that, if you adhere to them, will make a greater spiritual impact than almost anything else you'll do this summer.

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The Most Important, Most Ignored Passage in the Bible

Do you ever have that moment when you are talking to someone, and you know they can hear you, but it just doesn't feel like they're paying attention?


Well, odds are, without intending to, you, me, and most Christians are ignoring one of the most important passages in the entire Bible.


This week, learn not only what this passage is, but how you can begin to start living out one of the most important things Jesus ever told us to do.

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So you want to read the Bible.

Where do you start?

Have you ever wanted to read the Bible, but you just didn't know where to start?

The Bible can seem so big and intimidating. We don't even know where to begin, so many times we simply don't begin at all.

This week, learn some simple ideas that will help you both begin reading the Bible more regularly, and get more out of it when you do.

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5 Ways to Keep Your Spiritual Temperature Hot After Easter

Easter is over.  What now?  


For you, Lent may have been an incredible season of spiritual growth.  You were focused on your relationship with God.  Fasting from things.  Investing more time in prayer and Scripture.  But what now?


Here are some ideas for how you can keep growing spiritually in the weeks and months following Easter.

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