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Pastor Brandon offers practical ideas of how to love your family overcome life's challenges, and grow in your relationship with Jesus.

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4 Reasons Churches Should Focus Exclusively on Young People

I want you to think about some numbers:

When it comes to people between the ages of 18 and 25, 78% believe in the existence of God.


At the same time, though, 74% see no value in attending church.

  • 61% think churches have too many problems.

  • 48% say they don’t have time for church.

  • 36% believe church services are boring.

  • And only 8% would cite a religious leader as a role model.

More and more, young people are leaving the church.  


And I would go so far as to suggest that churches should be focusing exclusively on reaching young people between 18 and 25 years old.


But not for the reasons you'd think.  Not because young people will save our churches.  But for reasons that run much, much deeper.

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100 Days to Incredible Spiritual Growth

What if you could grow more in the first 100 days of 2021 than you have in the past year?  
The past 5 years?
The past 20 years?

When a new president is inaugurated, they can often accomplish more in their first 100 days in office than they will in the next 3-7 years.

What if we could apply that to our relationship with Jesus?


This week, I'm going to teach you about a concept called the SPIRITUAL SPRINT, a biblical concept that leads to incredible growth.


I'll also give you some practical tips for how to turn the first 100 days of 2021 into a season of incredible spiritual growth!

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Interview with Caleb & Bethany Kuenzli

Recently, I had a chance to sit down with my friends Caleb and Bethany who lead an incredible ministry called Land of the Living.

Not only that, Caleb and Bethany are incredible musicians who just released an amazing song for Christmas.

In our interview, they share some background on Land of the Living, and inside look at the inspiration behind their new Christmas song called "Human Form," and insights into reaching young people in today's environment.

Also, at the end of the interview, you can hear their new song "Human Form" in its entirety.  It's incredible!

If you would like to learn more about Caleb and Bethany's ministry, check out their website:  http://Rekindleretreats.org

If you would like to support their ministry, go here.

And if you would like to stream or download "Human Form," you can find a variety of ways to do so by going here: https://song.link/x2Qzd2G9TsMrw

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What to Pray When You Don't Know What to Pray

What do you pray when you don't know what to pray?

Have you ever struggled with prayer?
You didn't know what to pray?
Or you felt like you were just praying the same thing all the time?


Have you ever considered praying other people's prayers?

Did you know that Jesus prayed other people's prayers?

Did you know that the Lord's Prayer is actually a complication of other people's prayers?


This week, learn about a special way that Jesus prayed, one that can revolutionize your prayer life and help you through the times when you just feel stuck.

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Interview with Legin | Race, Justice, and the Church in America | Expect Renaissance

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with my friend, gospel hip-hop producer and artist, Legin.

We had a discussion about the work of the Renaissance Movement and Expect Renaissance, a production company and a non-profit that he leads that spread the gospel and address issues of injustice around the world.


He also opened up about his recent video "Feel," which is a powerful commentary on issues of race and injustice in our culture.

You can find the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMqa3f9S-S0


He broke down for us some of the imagery in the video, and shared his thoughts on how churches can respond to issues of race and injustice in our culture today.


If you'd like to learn more about Legin, The Renaissance Movement, and Expect Renaissance, you can go to:

  •  Website: www.legin.tv 

  • Follow @legintv (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter)

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Should Christians Give Christmas Presents?

Should Christians give Christmas gifts?

Is there anything wrong with exchanging gifts?
Why do we do it?
What do Christmas gifts have to do with the birth of Jesus?
Was Christmas actually illegal in America?

The tradition of exchanging gifts isn't actually as old as you think.  
And it might not have much to do with celebrating the birth of Christ.

But it's such a part of American culture that most of us would have a hard time giving it up.  So what should Christians do?

If you're interested in finding out the history of giving gifts at Christmas, and how Christians can do this in a way that best honors Jesus, check out this week's video!

Thanks for watching!

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Why Do Bad People Go to Heaven?

Are bad people in heaven?

Is believing in Jesus and saying a prayer all it really takes?

Does that mean I could lead a terrible life and get into heaven as long as I believe in Jesus before I die?

There seems to be some confusion around who gets saved and how to be saved.  Many times, the gospel Christians tell sounds like one in which Jesus rescues us from the wrath of God.  And as long as we can pray the Jesus prayer in time, we can be saved from that wrath.

But is that really what Jesus is saying?  Is that really the gospel message?  If not, what is the gospel?

And if not, what is?

What does it mean to be saved?  Who gets saved?  And what exactly do we need to do?

Well if you're interested in questions like those, check out this week's video for all the answers.

Thanks for watching!

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Can I Lose My Salvation?

Can a Christian lose their salvation?

Is it true: once saved always saved?

Can you have eternal security?

Jesus promises salvation.  But throughout history, many have questioned how we know if we are truly saved.  Even major spiritual figures like John Wesley questioned their salvation throughout their entire lives.

So how can we know for sure?  And what is it that we are hoping to be sure of?

That we go to heaven when we die?  Or something more?

Well, if you're curious to find out the answer to those questions, check out this week's video!

And, as always, thanks for watching!

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What Is the Trinity?

What is the trinity?

The doctrine of the Holy Trinity may be one of the most confusing theological concepts for most Christians.

What exactly does it mean?

Are there three gods?

How does Jesus fit in?

Is it even biblical?

Understanding the trinity isn't easy.  So, in this video, I'm going to help you understand both what the Trinity is NOT, where we find the Trinity in scripture, and how you can begin to wrap your mind around this description of who God truly is.

Thanks for watching!

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Does Suicide Equal Hell?

Do people who commit suicide go to hell?

This is question that Christians have wrestled with for ages.

We are living in a time when people are attempting suicide at alarming rates.

In 2018, over 1.4 million people attempted suicide.  Over 130 people attempt suicide every single day.

Does the Bible say that all of these persons are going to hell?

How should we understand suicide?

And more importantly, as Christians, how should we respond?

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Should Christians Vote for Trump or Biden?

Should Christians vote for Trump?




Should Christians vote for Biden?


The entire nation is polarized by the question of who to vote for. But are there certain things Christians should consider when voting?


Are there things that should disqualify a candidate?

Are there things we usually consider important, but shouldn't?


How can we know who is the best person to vote for?


And how might our decision have serious spiritual implications in our own lives, and beyond?


If you're interested in finding out the answer to these question, and more, check out this week's video!


And if you would like to see another video I produced this year about how Christians Should Vote, you can find it here:



Thanks for watching!

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Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?


Is it harmful to our relationship with Jesus?

Is it sinful?

Or is it just a fun day to dress up in costume and collect candy?


There seems to be some tension between Christians and Halloween. Most Christians tends to just go with the flow, embrace it as a social holiday, and not overthink it.


But should we give it some more consideration?


Did you know that Halloween actually has Christian roots?


For 1,500 years, it has marked the celebration of one of the most important holy days, one which few Christians have heard of, and even fewer have practiced.


I believe that celebrating this Christian holy day could have a tremendous impact on our faith, on our kids, and on the future of the church.


If you're interested in finding out what that holy day is, and why it is so important, this video is for you!

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Did "Away" Get It Wrong? | What Is the Exodus Story About?

The Netflix Series "Away" is one of the biggest shows on Netflix right now.

It tells the story of 5 astronauts on a mission to become the first humans to step foot on Mars.  Throughout the show, the astronauts faces a series of challenges that threaten their lives and the mission.

At one particularly difficult point, one of the astronauts has a flashback to a theological lesson his father taught him.

His father told him the story of the Exodus.  He describes it as a story of the triumph of teamwork and the human spirit.

But is this really what the Exodus story is about? 

The answer to this question can have a significant impact both on your relationship with Jesus and your ability to make a difference in this world.

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10 Reasons Jesus Came to Earth

Why did Jesus come to earth?
Why did God need to send a Messiah? 
Why did God become human and dwell among us?

These are some of the most basic Christian questions. But do we know the answers?

As Christians, we often know some of these answers.  

But is there much to be gained by truly understanding the many reasons God sent God's only begotten Son on to earth?

Understanding who Jesus is and why he came to earth helps us to more fully appreciate God's love for us, what happened when Jesus came over 2,000 years ago, and why that has significant impact on our lives right now, today.