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What if we could take a big step towards ending hunger in just One Day?

On March 1st and 2nd, from 7PM-6PM, LUMC Youth will be sponsoring an event called One Day.  For 24 hours, students will be fasting to help spread awareness and raise funds to end hunger.  

How can you help?

One way is to participate.  This event is open to all 6th-12th graders. The deadline to register to volunteer is February 17th.  Registration forms can be found here.


Another way to help is to sponsor a youth participant.  ONE DAY participants will be in the Welcome Center after worship services over the next few weeks.  You can sponsor a certain amount per hour they participate, or just a fixed donation. No amount is too small. All the money raised will be divided between The Ark (an orphanage in Ukraine), the Empowering Haitians Food Program (Haiti), and El Ayudante Mission (Nicaragua).  Click here to donate.


Finally, there will be a MIDDLE SCHOOL VS. SR. HIGH CHALLENGE! to collect quarters.  Each Sunday there will be two water jugs in the church Welcome Center. Empty your change drawer and vote for your favorite age level by adding your coins to your group's jug. The team that collects the most will be declared the winner, but everyone wins at this game, and we'll be revealing our purpose for this change collection soon. (We'll give you a hint. It's related to one place where quarters are needed.)  *All change and bills are gratefully accepted!

Questions?  Contact Marlene Passarelli here.